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Cerro Mercedario


Are you ready to live the most impressive and unforgettable adventure of your life?

Cerro Mercedario is one of the highest mountains in the Andes (6,720 meters above sea level) and is located in the province of San Juan.

It is a wild and remote mountain, which requires a long but pleasant approach through fertile valleys, surrounded by peaks of 5000 and 6000 meters, an area of unique beauty and unlimited potential for mountaineering.

We operate high mountain expeditions of different durations, specially designed and planned according to the needs of each mountaineer, contemplating acclimatization times and the required security.

Ask about the program and we design it your way!



The ascent to Cerro Mercedario presents low technical difficulty, however, it is very demanding, since it demands a very large physical requirement, when carrying out activities in remote regions and at high altitudes.

The Cordillera is quite inaccessible, so several days of walking are required. A climb to Mercedario requires acclimatization and, depending on weather conditions, it should take at least ten days to reach the summit.

Argentina Trails stands out for having more than 17 years of experience operating expeditions on this mountain and others around the region, where our qualified and certified guides will offer you a high quality experience, providing security and support.

We prioritize the safety of our clients, so we count with experience and the best infrastructure, first aid kits, satellite communication systems and mountain equipment suited to the requirements of each expedition. We take care of every detail so that you can make the most of each expedition safely.

Our expeditions are focused on the client. That is why we design each one according to the needs of each mountaineer, planning an appropiate acclimatization.

Simplified itinerary model. Remember that we can design the expedition to suit your needs!

DAY 1: Arrival in Barreal.

DAY 2: Barreal – CB Guanaquitos (3,600m)

DAY 3: Acclimatization trekking (4,000m)

DAY 4: Acclimatization trek (4,600m)

DAY 5: Cerro Wanda (5,300m)

DAY 6: Return to CB Guanaquitos (3,600m)

DAY 7: Rest day

DAY 8: Ascent to C1 (4,300m)

DAY 9: Ascent to C2 (5,280m)

DAY 10: Ascent to C3 (5,800m)

DAY 11: Summit Attempt (6,720m)

DAY 12: Extra day in the mountains

DAY 13: Return to Barreal

Consult for the complete itinerary!

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